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Why I made this site

I’ll admit, I’m no longer a PC Gaming Fanboy. After playing games for about 20 years, I’ve lost the time and attention span to play everything that comes out, regardless of its quality. I’ve also seen gaming become a “boutique” hobby to a widely accepted, mainstream form of entertainment. This has lead to many more games being on the market, but with a larger percentage of crap created to cash in on holidays or console and movie launches.

That’s why I’ve set up this web site, to identify, review and discuss gaming’s cream of the crop and the ideas and features that make them great. We’re on a search to find the best games out there to maximize the enjoyment in the very few hours we have to play them and we’re going to need all the help we can get.

So read all about it and post some comments. I would love some real discussion and welcome your opinion.


3 Responses to “Why I made this site”

  1. Derek said

    This site really interests me. I remember first finding it a while ago, through some random google search, and I stumbled upon it again, the same way, a few days ago. It seems strange that your hits are so low, though. There are a lot of good ideas here; lots of the posts provoke thought you can’t expect to see in a professional, video game subscription magazine.

    Did you just give up on the concept and move on to something else, or is there something I’m missing? Are you the one who registered There aren’t a lot of hits on this particular site, but I’m thinking (especially with the ease of WordPress) you could cultivate some sort of video game philosopher community. Gather some lead bloggers with a unified purpose. You know, as opposed to the common bulletin boards (GameFAQs, etc.) where comparatively blind fanboys use no rational (let alone philosophical) techniques to come to a decision.

  2. Hey thanks for taking the time to write a comment! You know, I really wanted this place to be a spot where people could discuss some of the larger topics about gaming, but I think I took too much of a “if you build it, they will come” attitude and nothing panned out.

    I was just looking at the site yesterday thinking it would be nice to start it up again. Maybe now that I’m sure someone is actually listening, I’ll start it back up…

    If there’s a particular article you have something to discuss, I’m all ears.

    Oh and no, I didn’t register, but I did notice that it was registered.

  3. zkip said

    I’ll comment on the articles that caught my attention later, with this new account. I especially wanted to comment on some of the Principles discussions when I first saw them.

    There are one or two posts I just plain don’t agree with though, so you’ll get the debate you’ve been asking for. 😛

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