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An Explanation of My Links

Posted by gamephilosopher on February 17, 2007

I don’t just link to things just for the sake of linking; these are good sites that I think you should know about.

  • Blue’s News – A really good, non-commercial news site for all kinds of games, but mostly PC games. I’ve been going here daily for several years. There is an annoying flash popup at the top of the page, unfortunately
  • CD Access – Like Chips N Bits, an online game shop that has a lot of old games.
  • Chips N Bits – Online game shop. Has a good section of old games / suspected abandonware
  • Gama Sutra – A gaming industry site. Lots of great information, including job postings, game postmortems, and company profiles.
  • Game FAQs – The best place to find cheats, walkthroughs and maps for just about every game without having to deal with stupid popups, logging in or any other crap from a commercial gaming site.
  • Game Rankings – Another meta-review site, like Game Tab. Find the average review score of a game from across all the sites that have reviewed it.
  • Game Tab – A meta-review site that averages ratings across popular review sites.
  • Game Trade Zone – A place to trade games. You can find a lot of oldies here. Definately a good place for those of you that are budget minded.
  • Home of the Underdogs – While I do not support piracy, some games are no longer available any other way.
  • PC Games that Weren’t – It looks like a new site, but a cool one nonetheless. It’s about games that were cancelled and the stories behind them.
  • The Best Selling PC Games since 2000 – Next Generation’s take on the top 100 best selling games since 2000
  • To the Game – Game release dates. Customizable so you can monitor the ones you’re interested in.
  • Ye Olde Infocom Shoppe – Before you call an old game abandonware, check here. While they don’t sell new/unopened games straight from the publisher, you can get a lot of really old games for the C64, Apple and PC from the 80’s and early 90’s.

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