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Finally played WoW

Posted by gamephilosopher on September 12, 2006

Oh yeah, after writing that article on Rob Pardo, I decided that I really needed to give World of Warcraft a shot. I did. It’s good. Real good. We’ll talk about it later.


One Response to “Finally played WoW”

  1. zkip said

    I liked World of Warcraft. I got it a few months before they announced the whole Burning Crusade expansion, and then quit maybe… I don’t know, about a year later? It’s hard to judge. Anyway, I found it hard to keep playing with no real goal to strive for. I felt like all the money and equipment I was gathering was useless, because at higher levels you kind of need to know people to get crafted or quested uber armors/spells. Otherwise people shout gimp at you. And I didn’t find that there was any useful knowledge or talent one player could hold over another, that would give the former some sort of advantage that transcends their level and equipment. But that’s RPG gameplay for you. Unfortunately it’s in the company’s best interests to keep players grinding out those levels as long as possible; it’s sheer economics. I always get paranoid with stuff like that, even if the monthly fees don’t impact my wallet too harshly.

    Having an easy-to-play game is always a double-edged sword, too. WoW could very well remain the best-selling MMORPG in history, but it definitely lacks positive feedback for ingenuity. As is always the case, hotkey-hitting, min-maxing, 24/7 players will clash with the casual gamers, and a line will be drawn by the developers that can never please both groups.

    Though if you have a [good, cohesive] guild or a half dozen RL friends to keep you going, it’s a very engrossing experience for the time you play. I can only imagine that it’s better with the expansion finally out.

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